Friday, April 26, 2013

The Fisherman and His Wife - With Props

This post is part of a series of posts about "Telling One Story Five Ways." It is also my Flannel Friday contribution for this week.

Next up - using props to tell the story of "The Fisherman and His Wife." I love using props in storytime. Not only do props appeal to the audience but they help me as a storyteller, working much like the board figures do by providing clues to what comes next in the story. Props can be very simple or quite elaborate. They can be found objects or silly hats. Almost anything can be used as a prop as long as it fits the story. See the "Prop Stories" page for some of the props I have made.

I have chosen two types of props for "The Fisherman and His Wife." One is quick and easy. The other uses the figures I have already made but takes them off of the board and puts them on a "stage."

One of the easiest to make are what I think of as storytelling cards. Basically I paste clip art or a figure I have drawn to card stock. I simply hold up the appropriate images as I am telling the story. If you need to, you can put information on the back of the cards. I often do this when I use a rhyme or poem in storytime. (For an example see my "Shell Silverstein's 'Snowball' post. This is also a great way to take a story "on the road" without having to bring a felt board. The story that goes with these props can be found in "The Fisherman and His Wife - Board Story" post.

I also like using stand-up figures. It's fun to move them around on a "stage." I usually use a table if the the figures are large or an upturned box if the figures are small. (For an example of larger figures see my post "Aliens at Bedtime"). It is not necessary to make the buildings. The figures and story from my "The Fisherman and His Wife - Stick Puppets" post does not require buildings. I used Velcro to hold the crowns on the fisherman's wife. I colored over the Velcro with marker so it will be less noticeable. I taped rolls of paper to the back of each figure for a stand.

The photo above shows all the figures on a table. For storytelling I would use a large box turned upside down as a "stage." I actually have a box large enough for the palace figure. I use it to store my storytelling props. The box in the photos below is another one I use as a "stage." It stores my craft samples.

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