Friday, September 12, 2014

Autumn Leaf

Several years ago I did a program about different methods of storytelling. Being basically lazy, I didn't bother asking for permission to use material but instead wrote my own examples.  Recently I found the handout for this presentation. I posted the draw and tell example for Flannel Friday's "Shark Week." The following cut and tell example was written for the first presentation which was in October.

Glue two pieces of paper together and then fold lengthwise. The inside piece should be yellow, red, or  orange and the outside piece should be green. I have used both construction paper and colored copy paper. I usually trim the inside paper to make it slightly smaller than the green paper so that the color doesn't show when folded. Fold and then trace the pattern onto the outside paper. Remember to always keep the pattern side facing you so your audience can't see it. Sometimes I will write the rhyme next to the traced pattern so I don't have to memorize it. If it is a story, I just write some key words to help me remember. Always do this on the part that is cut away.

Autumn Leaf: Cut and Tell
By Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room

I start out green,
Often fragile and small.
(Cut from 1 to 2)

I grow through two seasons
On something tall.
(Cut from 2 to 3)

But there are changes
When the nights turn cool,
(Cut from 3 to 4)

That happen to me
When children return to school.
(Cut from 4 to 5)

I am a ....... (leaf)
On a growing tree.
(Open to show a green leaf)

Watch me turn color
One, two, three!
(Turn it to the other side to show the autumn leaf)

Inside paper glued to green paper
Trace pattern onto green paper
Cut leaf & show green side
On last line turn to other side
The photo of the pattern can be found here.

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