Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Little Valentines

Last week while I was working on a draw and tell story for Valentine's Day, I also wrote this rhyme. I was going to save it for next year's Valentine's Day Flannel Friday but knowing me I will totally forget about it. I decided to use it for this week's Flannel Friday contribution.

Five Little Valentines
Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room Blog
Five little valentines waiting to be given.
One is silver, tied with a purple ribbon.
One is gold, shining like a light.
One is red, bold and bright.
One is white, with lace all around.
The last one is pink, and plays a musical sound.
Joe took the silver one to give to his mother.
Mary took the gold one to give to her teacher.
Tom took the red one to give to his dad.
Kate took the white one to make her sister glad.
Scott took the pink one for little baby Sue,
For the music that it played would make her laugh and coo.
I used the shapes function in Microsoft Publisher to draw a heart template. I made mine about 6 inches high and about 6 inches across. The "lace" one is slightly larger. I used materials that I had on hand. I used markers on card stock for three of the hearts. I do not have silver or gold markers so I used silver paint and a purple marker for one heart and cut the other heart out of gold paper from a pad of metallic paper that I had. (The paper was a bit too small so I had to glue on another piece for the tip of the heart). You can also make them out of felt. I would use metallic paint on white felt to make the gold and silver hearts.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Something Special - A Valentine's Day Draw and Tell Story

Something Special - A Valentine's Day Draw and Tell Story
by Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room Blog

Usually Harry liked having two sisters and a brother. There was always someone willing to play. However, sometimes it made things harder. Valentines Day  was one of those times. His brother and sisters seemed to think of better things to give their mom than he did. Hugh, the oldest, was giving her a heart-shaped balloon (1). Sarah made a beautiful heart-shaped pillow for her (2). Lisa was giving her a heart-shaped box of candy (3). Harry only had a card with a heart on it (4). He wanted to give his mom something else as well. It had to be something special.

Harry walked downtown to to look at all the store windows (5). They were decorated for Valentine's Day. Maybe he would get an idea. He walked up the street to the jewelry store (6). There were lots of pretty things in the window that he was sure his mom would like. Harry was also sure that the money he saved was not enough to buy anything there. He walked past more stores but didn't get any ideas (7). He walked up another block (8) and there it was, the perfect present. He had enough money to buy one. It was pretty and reminded him of spring. He knew his mom would like it too, so Harry ran into the store and bought it (9).

Drawing sequence:

1. Draw first heart-shaped petal.

2. Draw second heart-shaped petal.

3. Draw third heart-shaped petal.

4. Draw fourth heart-shaped petal.

5. Draw stem.

6. Draw first half of right leaf.

7. Draw second half of right leaf.

8. Draw first half of left leaf.

9. Draw second half of left leaf.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Guess the Animals as the Snow Melts

Use card stock and clip art to create a simple scene (or draw it if you wish). Put the animals in size order with the smallest on top and the largest on the bottom. I used a mouse, squirrel, raccoon, fox and bear. Cover the scene with white card stock or heavy white paper to represent the snow. As it "melts," slide the white piece down to reveal the top of the animal and have the children guess. Slowly reveal more of the animal to help them guess. Continue sliding the piece down to reveal each animal.

I painted the background using poster paints. Markers streak too much when covering a large surface, I did use markers to color the animals. In order to make the background long enough to fit the animals I taped a smaller piece of card stock to the bottom. That is the "grass." I also trimmed the sides so that the "snow" could fit around it. The piece is about 17 inches long and 7.5 inches wide.

The photo above shows the "snow" that fits over the animal scene. Yes, I did add some glitter glue to make it sparkle. This piece is made up of two pieces of card stock glued together. The sides are folded over. The photo below shows the pieces together from the back.

The animals as they are revealed when the snow melts:

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