Thursday, September 13, 2012

Five Little Monsters - Finger Puppets

The Family Story Time about monsters is starting to come together. I have a cut and tell story, a possible board story, and a prop story. I also have several books which I will have to pare down to three or four. I spent some time looking at monster rhymes. Several were variations of "Five Little Monkeys." I liked the idea of jumping monsters but didn't feel that they should be confined to a bed so I wrote my own rhyme.

Five Little Monsters
Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room

Five little monsters jumping with glee,
The silly one said, "Hey, look at me!
I jumped so high that I landed in a tree!"

Four little monsters jumping up and down,
The slimy one said, "Soon I won't be around
Because I can jump so far that I'm jumping into town."

Three little monsters jumping high and low,
The scaly one said, "I just want you to know
That I can jump so fast that you'll never see me go."

Two little monsters jumping with each other,
The smelly one said, "I can jump higher than my brother
So now I'm jumping home to show my monster mother."

One furry little monster was left jumping all alone.
"I miss all the others," he said with a monster moan.
"But we'll jump again tomorrow!" and he jumped on home.

Even though I made my own monsters, clip art of cute monsters can be easily found online for those who don't want to draw their own. (Monsters are easy to draw - give it a try!) My post, "Finger Puppets for Five Colorful Birds" shows how I make my finger puppets.

This week's Flannel Friday Roundup is hosted by Kay Leigh of Storytime ABC's. All things Flannel Friday can be found here.


  1. What a fun rhyme! For some reason I missed your making finger puppets post (odd 'cause I RSS you) Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I RSS you. I like making finger puppets that way because I can adjust the back to fit my small fingers. Otherwise the puppets would go flying off sooner than planned.