Friday, March 16, 2012

Paper Finger Puppets for "Five Colorful Birds"

Paper finger puppets are easy to make.  They are great to use when you find a new "five little something" rhyme you want to use.  They can be customized to go with any such rhyme.   The best part is that they cost little or nothing to make.  Paper, markers and a glue stick are the basic materials.  The biggest expense will be your time. 

Finger puppets for Five Colorful Birds

Step one:  Find a simple bird image that you like and reduce it to finger puppet size or draw your own.  I drew my own this time.  Make five.  I drew one, cut it out, and used it as a template to make five birds.

Step two:  Draw an upside down "T" five times, adjusting the length of the "T" to fit your finger.  Again I drew one, cut it out and used it as a template.

Step three:  Color the birds.  I like to outline in black marker as well.  I chose specific colors to go with my rhyme.

Step four:  Cut out the birds and "T" pieces.

Step five: Make the back pieces.

Glue sides together.

Glue top down.

Step six:  Glue a back piece to each bird.

Finger Puppet!

Step seven:  Find a counting rhyme about birds or write your own.  I wrote my own:

Five Colorful Birds

The cardinal is a bird that is colored bright red,
He has a crest of feathers on his head.

A squawking jay's feathers are blue,
She calls out loudly to protect her babies so new.

A hummingbird has feathers that are green,
He moves his wings so fast they can hardly be seen.

The finch has feathers that are bright yellow,
Indeed he thinks he's a handsome fellow.

Bright orange are the feathers of the oriole,
She sings a song telling winter to go.
(A scanned version with the puppets and rhyme can be found here.  When converted to a Google document it was reduced so you will have to enlarge it a bit.)

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  1. wonderful! i love the tutorial...thank you!

  2. So simple and so beautiful, it's going to my classroom tomorroe! THANKS!!!

  3. SO CUTE! I cannot wait to use this, thank you!