Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flannel Friday

On PUBYAC I came across a post about "Flannel Friday."  Started by Mel of "Mel's Desk," every Friday a group of children's librarians from across the country tweet about their flannel board ideas.  These ideas are posted on their blogs and a compilation is posted on a host blog at the end of the day.  A list of who is hosting each week can be found at the blog "So Tomorrow" under Flannel Friday.  I started checking the weekly compilations and found some really great storytime ideas.  Recently links to these posts were put on Pinterest.  Not only can everything be found in one place but the posts are put into categories. Ideas are not just limited to using the flannel board.  Although I am not on Twitter (yet), I was still able to contribute some of my ideas to Flannel Friday.  New participants are welcome so if you have something to share please do.  Information about participating in Flannel Friday can be found on Anne's "So Tomorrow" blog here.  Be sure to visit Flannel Friday's Pinterest page for some great storytime ideas. 

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  1. I am so glad you and Flannel Friday have found each other! I am blown away EVERY SINGLE WEEK by the great ideas and am thrilled to have you on board. Good luck with the new Twitter account...I am already following you! :)