Friday, March 21, 2014

Who Is Watching?

"Who Is Watching?: A Cut-and-Tell Story"
Linda Meuse
March 21, 2014
Notes from the Story Room

Sam was in his backyard waiting for his friend Jerry to come over to play. He was swinging on his playset, going up and down. (Cut from 1 to 2). Suddenly he stopped and looked around. He was sure he was being watched but could not see anyone. He took one more swing up and down but stopped again. (Cut from 2 to 3.) He still felt like someone was watching him. Sam decided to climb his slide. (Cut from 3 to 4.) He quickly slid down and almost landed on Jerry who had just arrived! (Cut from 4 to 5.) "Am I glad you're here!" said Sam. "I feel like someone is watching but I've looked all around and no one is here." Jerry looked around and said, "Maybe they're hiding. Let's search the yard." Sam and Jerry looked under the bushes but no one was there. (Cut A.) They looked behind the maple tree but no one was there. (Cut B.) They even looked into the trash cans but no one was there. (Cut C.)
Then Jerry looked up into the maple tree. "I know who's watching you!" said Jerry. Do you?

Notes: After cutting out the owl, push out the beak (A). You can also add eyes and feathers if you wish. Us a hole punch to make eyes after you are finished cutting but before you unfold the owl. In addition you can make a "branch" for the owl to perch on. Just slide the owl on with its feet in front and tail in back (made from cuts C and D). See photo below.
I usually make a pattern to trace.  I cut construction paper to 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
Pattern ready to cut.
Hold the pattern sidewise while cutting.
Owl with optional "branch."
Owl on "branch."
*For now you can copy and paste the photo. I plan to add a scan of the template soon.

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