Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gingerbread Man

For this year's Flannel Friday Holiday Round-Up I have a cut and tell guessing activity. The resulting gingerbread man can either be "decorated" or kept plain. It can be a stand alone activity or be used before telling the folktale. The clues are general so that it is not limited to holiday time.

Gingerbread Man Cut and Tell Clues
Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room
I am sweet and spicy at the same time. (Cut from 1 to 2)
I can be fancy or plain. (Cut from 2 to 3)
I smell so good when I'm fresh from the oven. (Cut from 3 to 4)
There's a famous story all about me. (Cut from 4 to 5)
In the story I run very fast, calling, "Catch me if you can!" (Cut from 5 to 6)
For I am: THE GINGERBREAD MAN! (Open folded paper)
Preparation: After looking at various gingerbread man images, I drew my template in a shape that I liked. I made one on plain paper for reference and cut out another to use to trace onto the paper. I then traced the outline of the figure onto folded brown paper with the numbers next to it. You will be holding the blank side toward the audience. The paper I used is cheap construction paper. Because it is cheap, it is thin. I used crayons to "decorate" the figure on the inside because crayons won't show through. If you decide to decorate the figure before cutting it out, pay attention to how the figure is positioned. It has to be the same both inside and out. Decorating can also be done after the figure is cut out with the children making suggestions. I would just add eyes and a mouth if I were using it as an introduction to telling the folktale.



Inside view of "decorations" before cutting
Ready to cut

This week's Flannel Friday Holiday Round-Up is hosted by Mollie of What Happens in Storytime.


  1. Oh!! I love this! I'm adding it to my gingerbread men folder. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful, Merry Christmas!

  2. This is such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have a library digital storytime youtube channel, may I do some of your story games on that for my library kids as long as I mention your name as the designer?

    1. You are welcome to use them. I wrote them for my programs or for the Flannel Friday group. I’m retired now but I would love to have people use them. Thanks for giving me credit. People seldom do that anymore.