Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty Flowers

I recently purchased some felt flower stickers for my puppet glove.  Since I needed a rhyme to go with them, I came up with this:

Five Pretty Flowers

One pretty flower popped up to feel the sun,
It called for another to come and join the fun.
Two pretty flowers enjoying the warm day,
When up popped another wanting to play.
Three pretty flowers growing by the door,
Then out popped another so now there are four.
Four pretty flowers attracting bees from a hive,
When out popped another,
And that makes five!

(I couldn't resist the sparkly flowers.)
This week's Flannel Friday Round-Up is hosted by Mollie of What Happens in Storytime.


  1. So pretty! I can't resist "sparkly" either. Lol The colors are gorgeous, too.

  2. How do you attach your shapes to the glove? I recently purchased some cute felt shapes, with adhesive backs, but I'm not sure of the best way to attach them.

    1. I have been using hook and loop fabric (brand name Velcro). Right now I'm cutting small pieces of the sticky back Velcro and attaching it to the sticky back of the flowers. I'm sticking the other pieces to the fingers but I still have to sew the Velcro onto the fingers to make sure it stays. Since my rhyme is an adding rhyme I'm not worried about pulling anything off. If it were a subtracting rhyme I would definitely test it to make sure the Velcro stays. I'm new to making my own glove puppets so if anyone more experienced in making them has any suggestions, please let me know.