Sunday, May 15, 2011

Social Cataloging

I've had a Library Thing account since 2007 though I have not been active lately.  I have piles of knitting books to add.  I will probably be close to the limit of 200 once I add them all and will have to consider upgrading my account.  The "social" part of Library Thing that I enjoy most is seeing how many other members own the same books.  One title I have in my library is only owned by one other person, while other titles are owned by over a thousand.  Since my collection is limited to knitting books, I find the varying numbers interesting.  Click here if you don't mind looking at pages of knitting books.

I have used Library Thing at work.  I would add titles of books I have read in storytime to a Library Thing account.  I then added the Library Thing widget to my blog so that parents and others could find out more about the books.  (The library's catalog did not display book covers.)  I have added the widget to this blog to show how easy it is to do - just copy and paste.  [Edited 6/10/11 - I removed the Library Thing widget since the tech challenge is over and the books are not relevant to this blog.]

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