Friday, May 27, 2011

Playing Games

I have a short attention span when it comes to learning a computer game.  I want to figure it out quickly and I like having basic instructions easily seen.  In addition, I prefer certain types of games.  I do not want to have to move too quickly though I don't mind time limits.  I also don't have patience with jumping around looking for stuff games.  For far too long I have wasted time on game sites. My early favorite was Popcap though now I spend my time on AOL's  You do not have to join and can play as a guest, and must do so if under age 13.  I still enjoy a good game of Zuma now and then though I'm basically a mahjong/match 3 person.  The only reason I'm no longer wasting considerable amounts of time at the computer playing games is that my daughter gave me a Nintendo DS Lite for Mother's Day last year so now I waste considerable amounts of time playing games on it instead (no more ads!).

That said, I explored the game sites listed and found things I liked and disliked about all of them.  My favorite was Spot (yes, that's about my speed) and I would love to visit it with my grandson as soon it's safe to let him near the computer keyboard.  The screen was too large for my monitor and I could not see some of the text on top which means I would have to figure out how to change my settings but I'm sure his mom will help me with that.  Some games needed plug-ins, some took forever to load and I'm not fond of game sites that want you to join, especially for kids.  I'm sure most of these are fine but I feel that parents should be aware of what their children join and this is better something done at home.  One site had a "You are a winner!" box that would not go away and I certainly wasn't going to click on it (though I can see a kid doing it.)  I also liked Nick Jr. for even though everything is related to their programs, they do feature several book characters.  By the way, the game "Toot and Puddle Tour the World" goes with this summer's SRP theme.

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