Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Photos - Redux

Blogger had a major meltdown last week and one of my posts from May 11 is missing.  (Should it return, I will delete this post.)

I tried out Picnik. Adding text to a photo is something I have not done before. I can definitely see using this in the future.

I also uploaded the photos to my Flickr photostream and tagged them. Warning, if you click on my photostream you will see many, many photos of knitting (with some cats and family thrown in). I belong to Ravelry (sort of a Facebook for knitters) and my photos for that site are hosted on Flickr. Gee, I'm such a stereotypical librarian - I have 2 cats and I knit (at least I don't have the bun). I have the Flickr uploader on my desktop which makes it easy to add photos.

Well, I think I have completed the challenges for this week. It's been fun.


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