Saturday, July 28, 2012

Transportation Storytime

Transportation: Storytime for ages 4 - 7, 7/17/12, 10:00 a.m., attendance - 16 children

Books:  Away We Go! by Rebecca Kai Dotlich
            Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car by Eileen Christelow
            Mr. Little's Noisy Car by Richard Fowler
            Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton
            Ready! Set! Go! by Sue Harris

Finger puppets: "Get a Ticket" from Mitt Magic by Lynda Roberts
Rhyming game: Guess the vehicle from Storytime Magic by Kate McMillan suggested by Sunflower Storytime
Rhyme: "Red car, red car" based on "Purple car, purple car" from Mel's Desk
Vehicle sorting game: based on ideas from Miss Mary Liberry and Falling Flannelboards
Handout: Vehicles from

Notes: Five Little Monkeys Wash the Car was not only the most fun for me to read but also the favorite of the children. The children also enjoyed Shark vs. Train. For the sorting game I had placed all the vehicles in the wrong places and had the children tell me the proper place for each to go. I had around 10 different vehicles on the board. They also liked the guessing game. Most of the activities I used were posted by participants in Flannel Friday. I used Flannel Friday's Pinterest boards to find ideas. Thanks everyone!

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