Friday, July 27, 2012

Hedgehog Draw and Tell Story

I've been filling in for a staff member on medical leave this summer. I am doing a storytime for ages 4 to 7. The themes had already been selected. This week's theme was hedgehogs which is one that I have never done. We hit the peak of activity in July and there has not been much time to work on programs lately so I had to come up with a bunch of hedgehog activities to go with the books that had also been previously selected. (I only used two of the books and filled in with other forms of storytelling.)

While I was on Jan Brett's website looking for ideas I came across the page "How to Draw a Hedgehog" which gave me an idea. The drawing was quite simple and could be used for a draw and tell story. All I had to do was make up the story which I did. It can be found as a Google document here. I now had my opening activity for the storytime. Thank you Jan Brett!

Drawing Sequence

Drawing done during storytime on
18" by 24" newsprint paper
(Apologies for the folds)

Amanda of Toddler Tales is hosting this week's Flannel Friday Round Up. Complete information about Flannel Friday can be found here.

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  1. Cute hedgehog! Sometimes lack of time can get our creative juices flowing. LOL

    Great job on the drawing and the story! Thanks for sharing!