Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Story Time Just Got Easier

My preparation for Family Story Time is now much easier thanks to the Friends of the Hamilton Township Public Library. Our Friends of the Library works hard all year running book sales and other events to raise funds to benefit the library. Most of our summer reading events are funded by the Friends of the Library. They have also purchased items for the children's room. This summer the Friends purchased this:

I hold my family story time program in a large meeting room downstairs. Our storytime room is much too small for this program. For years I have had to bring down an easel, a heavy whiteboard and a book truck full of storytelling materials, books and craft supplies. It was quite a balancing act. When the Friends of the Library requested that we give them a wish list, I was quick to add the above cart to it. I was thrilled to find out it was ordered and even more thrilled when it came in and was assembled in time for my first family story time of the summer.

I love this cart. There are so many places to put stuff - big stuff, little stuff, storytelling stuff, craft stuff - it all fits onto one cart that has a magnetic whiteboard in front. I selected this particular model because the whiteboard could be placed high enough that a large group could see.

When it was time for the program, I loaded it up with everything I needed for the program and there was room to spare. All I had to do was wheel it into the elevator and then into the meeting room. Not only was the process of setting up much easier, it went much quicker. Cleaning up was just as easy.

These carts come in various sizes and configurations to meet various needs. Purchasing one is definitely worth considering if you have programs in another part of the library. Our cart will also be used for other programs as well.

I am now a much more efficient (and happier) storyteller thanks to our Friends of the Library.

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