Thursday, June 28, 2012

Star Cookies

"Star Cookies" is a story by William Wiesner that can be found in his book Moon Stories (c.1973). It is based on an old tale from India.  According to Wiesner's notes, Finland and Czechoslovakia also have versions of this story. In researching other moon stories, I came across another version called "The Sun, Wind and the Moon" in Moon Tales: Myths of the Moon from around the World by Rina Singh and Debbie Lish (1999). This is a longer version and I'm guessing that it is closer to the original tale. Wiesner has simplified the story making it more appealing to younger children. for this reason I will be using Wiesner's version of the story for Family Story Time. I am not aware of a picture book version of this story though I wouldn't be surprised if there were one. It certainly lends itself to that format.

The basic theme, thoughtlessness punished and thoughtfulness rewarded, can be found in many folktales. In Singh's version Sun, Wind and the Moon are the children of  Star Mother. Moon is bullied by her brothers. They attend the wedding of Thunder and Lightning where there is a great feast. Sun and Wind return with nothing for Star Mother. Sun is punished for thinking only of himself by having people avoid him in summer. Wind is punished for being rude by having people slam the door in his face in winter. Moon was rewarded by being loved by everyone all year round. In Wiesner's version Sun and Moon are the children of Mother Sky. They are invited to a picnic by Uncle North Wind who serves them delicious star cookies covered in golden icing. Sun gobbles them up while Moon is not only polite but saves half for Mother Sky. When Sun is scolded for being greedy, he says that he will only do what he wants do and so he is sent away to be on his own. When Moon presents Mother Sky with the cookies, Mother Sky decides that they are too pretty to eat and decorates her blue cloak with them instead. Moon is given the privelige of moving across the night sky to tend to the stars and is loved by all.

Storytelling Notes: I will be telling the Wiesner version in my own words. I made little bows to dress Sun and Moon up when they visit North Wind. I plan to have Sun have a bit of a temper tantrum before he goes off on his own. I will also be using a small bag to put the "cookies" in for Mother Sky. Also, it will be Aunt North Wind rather than Uncle North Wind because my drawing looks more like an aunt than an uncle.

Mother Sky, Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Visiting Aunt North Wind

Moon with Stars in the Sky

Years ago I told this story for a bedtime program and I am looking forward to telling it again.

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  1. Thanks for participating. Love all the background information you supply for folktales!

  2. Love the story! I will have to think about where I can use it in my programs.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    Enjoy your weekend!