Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let the Craziness Begin!

Our summer reading program officially starts on Monday. Schools in New Jersey seem to get out much later than most of the country. I've been reading other librarians' blogs and it seems as if they are well into their summer reading programs and activities.

Registration for summer reading started this week and it's been very busy. I have a feeling that we will continue to be busy all summer. Over the years I have noticed that participation in library summer programs increases during difficult economic times. That will probably be the case this year. I've already overheard one mom mention that they wouldn't be going away this summer.

Fortunately we have a very generous Friends of the Library group so we will be able to offer some nice programs for families this year starting with our kick-off party Monday evening. Tickets went quickly. We hope to have the activities outside but if it rains we are limited to how many we can have in our meeting room. (We always give out free tickets to events that are being held in the meeting room.) Instead of a performer, this year we will be having a DJ. We will also have food and activities outside. (Cotton candy! Italian ice!)

I will be handling children's room desk duties while the rest of the staff works the party. They will have the help of teen/tween volunteers. Although I will busy with registrations, check-ins and readers' advisory questions, I will probably not be nearly as busy as everyone else. It's a crazy evening for us but our families love it.

Above is a photo of our bulletin board awaiting its stars. For the first check-in each child gets to put his/her name on a star which we will then staple onto the bulletin board. (To give an idea of the size of the board, the bed is about 5 feet long.)

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