Friday, January 24, 2014

Something Special - A Valentine's Day Draw and Tell Story

Something Special - A Valentine's Day Draw and Tell Story
by Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room Blog

Usually Harry liked having two sisters and a brother. There was always someone willing to play. However, sometimes it made things harder. Valentines Day  was one of those times. His brother and sisters seemed to think of better things to give their mom than he did. Hugh, the oldest, was giving her a heart-shaped balloon (1). Sarah made a beautiful heart-shaped pillow for her (2). Lisa was giving her a heart-shaped box of candy (3). Harry only had a card with a heart on it (4). He wanted to give his mom something else as well. It had to be something special.

Harry walked downtown to to look at all the store windows (5). They were decorated for Valentine's Day. Maybe he would get an idea. He walked up the street to the jewelry store (6). There were lots of pretty things in the window that he was sure his mom would like. Harry was also sure that the money he saved was not enough to buy anything there. He walked past more stores but didn't get any ideas (7). He walked up another block (8) and there it was, the perfect present. He had enough money to buy one. It was pretty and reminded him of spring. He knew his mom would like it too, so Harry ran into the store and bought it (9).

Drawing sequence:

1. Draw first heart-shaped petal.

2. Draw second heart-shaped petal.

3. Draw third heart-shaped petal.

4. Draw fourth heart-shaped petal.

5. Draw stem.

6. Draw first half of right leaf.

7. Draw second half of right leaf.

8. Draw first half of left leaf.

9. Draw second half of left leaf.

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  1. Hello Linda,
    I found you via Pinterest and am a regular reader of your blog. I'm a professional storyteller in the Netherlands focusing on kids from 3-8 years old. Draw and tell stories are quite unknown around here. I really love this sweet valentine draw&tell. I wonder if I could translate it to Dutch for the readers of my newsletter? It will also be on my website in my archive of stories. Of course I will mention your name, with a link to this blogpost.
    Kind regards, Melanie Plag

    1. Please feel free to translate this story and any others. The reason I write them is to share them. I just ask that you cite the source.

  2. Love this and it would work for Mother's Day, too!

    1. I learn from here how to tell the story for children thank you so much

    2. I’m so glad that people are still learning stories from this blog. I’ve been retired for several years now so it is nice to know that people still find the blog helpful.