Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Little Valentines

Last week while I was working on a draw and tell story for Valentine's Day, I also wrote this rhyme. I was going to save it for next year's Valentine's Day Flannel Friday but knowing me I will totally forget about it. I decided to use it for this week's Flannel Friday contribution.

Five Little Valentines
Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room Blog
Five little valentines waiting to be given.
One is silver, tied with a purple ribbon.
One is gold, shining like a light.
One is red, bold and bright.
One is white, with lace all around.
The last one is pink, and plays a musical sound.
Joe took the silver one to give to his mother.
Mary took the gold one to give to her teacher.
Tom took the red one to give to his dad.
Kate took the white one to make her sister glad.
Scott took the pink one for little baby Sue,
For the music that it played would make her laugh and coo.
I used the shapes function in Microsoft Publisher to draw a heart template. I made mine about 6 inches high and about 6 inches across. The "lace" one is slightly larger. I used materials that I had on hand. I used markers on card stock for three of the hearts. I do not have silver or gold markers so I used silver paint and a purple marker for one heart and cut the other heart out of gold paper from a pad of metallic paper that I had. (The paper was a bit too small so I had to glue on another piece for the tip of the heart). You can also make them out of felt. I would use metallic paint on white felt to make the gold and silver hearts.

This week's Flannel Friday Round-Up is hosted by Lisa of Thrive After Three.

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