Friday, January 4, 2013

There Was a Little Penguin

While searching for penguin ideas for my upcoming family story time program, I came across a penguin version of the well-known "There Was a Little Turtle" rhyme on the Storytime ABC's blog (1/27/12). I loved the idea but decided to change some of the animals. Thank you Storytime ABC's for a great idea.

There was a little penguin
Who waddled when she walked.
She swam in the ocean,
And climbed on the rocks.
She snapped at an albatross.
She snapped at a seal.
She snapped at an orca,
Giving out a squeal.
But they were all much too big
To make a penguin meal,
So she jumped into the ocean
To catch some tasty krill.

The penguin, seal and orca figures are from Microsoft Publisher. The albatross is from Arthur's Clip Art. All of the clip art was put into Microsoft Publisher where I flipped some of the images and made them all the size I wanted. I drew my own krill after looking at several drawings. It is obviously much larger than it should be but I needed to make it big enough for everyone to see.

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