Friday, January 11, 2013

Porter Penguin's Adventure

I wrote the following for an upcoming family story time program on penguins.

Porter Penguin’s Adventure

by Linda Meuse
January 11, 2013

Note: This story was written to be told using magnet or flannel board figures.

Porter Penguin liked living near the South Pole. (Place penguin on board.) There was always something to do even if it was very cold where he lived. (Add hat and scarf to penguin.) He liked to ice skate. (Add skates.) Sometimes he would play ice hockey with his penguin friends. (Add hockey stick and puck.) He also liked to ski up and down hills of snow. (Remove skates, stick and puck. Add skis and ski poles.) Porter liked sledding even more than skiing. (Remove skis and poles and add sled.)

As much as Porter liked his home in Antarctica, he was curious about other places. (Remove sled, hat and scarf.) He had heard that it was warmer “up north.” (If desired, insert a geography lesson here.) One day he decided that he had enough of the cold and was going to explore someplace new. He jumped into the ocean and swam and swam. The water became warmer and warmer. Finally Porter saw a sandy beach. He swam over, got out of the water, found a shady spot and had a nice long nap.

When Porter woke up there were children playing on the beach. He joined them in a game of catch with a beach ball. (Add beach ball.) That was fun! More children came and they all went over to a field to play baseball. (Remove beach ball. Add ball and bat. An alternative could be a soccer ball if desired.) Porter had never played this game before. It wasn’t easy for him because he couldn’t run very fast. The children didn’t care because they were having fun with their new penguin friend. Next they took him to a water slide. (Remove ball and bat. Add water slide.) Penguins are very good at sliding and splashing so Porter really enjoyed this. (Remove water slide.)

Porter had a great time at the beach that day learning many new things but he missed his snowy home. So the next morning Porter said goodbye to his new friends and jumped back into the ocean to swim home. When he got home he told his penguin friends about his adventure. He had brought something back with him that he could use at home. The ocean is cold where he lives but penguins are made for the cold so he will have no problem using his brand new – surfboard! (Add surfboard.)

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  1. That is some adventure for a penguin!

  2. I would love to hang out with Porter and have waterslide adventures with him.

    1. Porter definitely knows how to have a good time.