Friday, April 13, 2012

A Way to Promote Library Programs

I don't just use our magnet board for storytelling.  Every spring I use it to promote our summer reading program to visiting school groups.  During April and May second grade students visit the library.  I play a memory game with them using the board and figures from the Collaborative Summer Library Program manual.  Usually I focus on the reading program and just mention the other programs and activities that take place in the library during the summer.  This year I have decided to talk about these other programs a bit more.  I made visuals to go with the various programs and will be placing them up on the board as I briefly describe what is scheduled.  I made the visuals using Microsoft Publisher and then glued them onto construction paper. 

I deliberately avoided straight lines when I cut out the pieces.  This keeps the pieces from looking crooked since there are no straight lines - quick and easy.

With magnets on the back, the pieces are ready to promote our summer programs.  When the class visits are finished, we can remove the magnets and glue to pieces onto poster board for a more permanent display next to our handouts for summer programs.

So don't just use your flannel/magnet board just for rhymes and storytelling.  Use it to tell your library's "story" as well. 

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