Saturday, December 3, 2011

We Were Fans Before He Was a Star

Several years ago we adopted a shelter cat named Pete.  Actually he selected us by sticking his paw out of his cage and tapping on my husband's shoulder.  We had planned to adopt an older cat but ended up with Pete who was technically a kitten at 11 months according to the shelter.  When we got him home we decided he was more like a teenager.  (A few months later we adopted his sister as well.)

My husband took to calling him Pete the Cat (now you may see how this story connects to children's literature).  One day my husband told me that he had found another Pete the Cat on the internet.  He had found the work of artist James Dean here.  From Mr. Dean we learned that blue is the new black and have been fans ever since because we had our own Pete the Cat.  It was great fun to find out that Pete was going to be the featured in a children's book and even more fun when he became a hit!

Of course we have succumbed to Pete merchandising.  When visiting the Pete the Cat site last year I was pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable Pete prints are and purchased one for my husband for Christmas.  Needless to say he is getting more Pete stuff this year.  The work of James Dean is geared more toward adults while the books are definitely a hit with children.  I think it's great that Pete can be enjoyed by both grown-ups and kids and I'm looking forward to reading Pete's books to my grandson the next time he comes for a visit.  However, I don't think our Pete the Cat will be wearing white shoes any time soon.

Pete and Pete: 

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