Thursday, December 15, 2011

Turtle Talks Too Much

"Turtle Talks Too Much" is another Native American story that I adapted for the Family Story Time program of November 29, 2011 (see post for 11/30/11).  It is based on "How Turtle Flew South for the Winter" in Native American Stories told by Joseph Bruchac.  Although I told it using props, it can easily be told as a flannel/magnet board story.  I remember reading a version of this tale several years ago but of course I have forgotten where I came across it.  My version can be found as a Google document here.

The props were fairly simple to make.  The stick came from my front yard.  When selecting a stick make sure it is small enough for the clothes pins to fit on it.  I drew the turtle and birds and colored them with markers.  The turtle's shell is plain and I put a piece of white sticky-backed Velcro in the center of the shell and colored it with green marker.  I then made a cracked shell putting the other part of the Velcro on the back of it so it can be attached after turtle falls.  I put card stock behind the figures to reinforce them.  This also helped the birds stay upright on the stick.  I then taped clothes pins behind the birds' feet and behind turtle's head.  I taped a mouth onto turtle's clothes pin. 

Birds carrying turtle:

How it is put together:

After the fall:

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  1. Beautiful flannels! Thanks for sharing them. This is one of my favorite stories to tell. When Turtle talks, he goes nonstop, "Oh please bird won't you carry me please I really want to fly please please I've wanted to fly so much for so long please I really do I really do" you get the idea, like an eager three year old.

  2. I love telling stories where I get to act like a three year old.

  3. I put my Flannel Friday link in the wrong comment field. Sorry! Here is the link for my contribution this week. Thanks! Sarah

  4. Very nice, Linda! This is a great story that really comes to life with just three characters!