Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time to Get Serious

Registration for the summer reading program has begun.  The program officially starts next week though our kick-off event isn't until the 29th. 

I have less than a month to prepare for family story time.  This is when working part-time is a disadvantage.  I've been browsing through our wonderful folktale collection picking out stories that would be fun to tell.  Now I have to get serious about narrowing down my choices and working out how I'm going to present them.  For family story time I place an emphasis on visual presentations since I need to engage a large group of varying ages.  I usually only read one or two books and use the flannel board, props and stick puppets for the majority of the stories.  The stories are then followed by a simple craft.

Since the state theme this year is "One World, Many Stories," I plan to concentrate on specific geographic areas for my three programs - Africa, Asia and Europe.  I have exactly one story prepared - "The Bremen Town Musicians."  It's time to go rummaging through the boxes in my basement for some drawing and paper cutting stories.  I know there's a good Anansi story down there somewhere.

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