Friday, June 10, 2011

It Works!

I'm preparing for my summer family story time programs.  In keeping with this summer's theme, "One World, Many Stories," I will be telling and reading folk tales from around the world (which is what is usually do for family story time anyway).  Since the program is held in the meeting room which is a rather large space I like to use visual props to tell stories (the props also help to hold the attention of the younger listeners).  I've been wanting to tell the "Bremen Town Musicians" without using a board for the figures because I like to vary how I tell the stories.  The easiest format to make is stick puppets - find clip art, color it, glue it on construction paper and tape a craft stick on.  If I have time I will put construction paper on the back as well to "finish" the puppet.  But for this story I have to stack the stick puppets on top of each other.  I was thinking of adding "holders" of some sort to the back of the puppets but as I was adding the back pieces to the puppets I decided to leave the bottom part open and try fitting the puppets on top of each other.  It worked.  The puppets do get a bit floppy when it is humid but it is easy to support all four puppets with two hands. 



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