Thursday, May 15, 2014

Where Has Polly Gone?

While I was exploring, I came up with my final activities for my shapes family storytime. I was looking at polygons when the title of the following draw and tell story popped into my head. All I needed was a story to go with it. You will see that all the shapes that make the figures in this story are polygons. I make no apologies for the pun.

"Where Has Polly Gone?"
by Linda Meuse
Notes from the Story Room

Jake was worried. His puppy, Polly, had gotten out of the house and was taking herself for a walk. Jake went out to look for her. He could not see Polly. "Where has Polly gone?" wondered Jake. (Write A on top of page.) He looked all around his front yard. (Draw #1) Then he saw his neighbor Sarah playing in her front yard. "Have you seen Polly?" asked Jake. "I saw her running down the street," Sarah replied. "She turned right onto Oak Street." (Draw #2) "Thanks!" yelled Jake as he ran after his dog. He turned onto Oak but he did not see Polly. He did see a lady working in her garden. He asked her if she saw a puppy running by. "Yes," said the lady. "A puppy with a pointy nose came trotting past my house. It stopped to look at some birds and then went around the corner to Spruce Street." (Draw #3) "Thank you!" said Jake. He ran onto Spruce Street but again he was too late. He could not find Polly. Jake saw a man working on his car and asked him if he saw a puppy go by. "I saw a puppy with one ear sticking up and another ear flopping down sniffing around my tree. Then the puppy ran over to my neighbor's yard where it had fun running around his trees. Then the puppy turned right onto Elm Street." (Draw #4) "That's Polly!" said Jake. "Thank you!" Jake ran onto Elm Street. Far ahead at the corner of Elm Street and Pine Street, Jake saw a puppy in front of a very familiar place. It was a cozy house which had a very long front door handle. (Draw #5) Polly had gone all around the block and had ended up right back home! (Write B)
Drawing sequence:


 Finished drawing

Notes: This drawing is made up of three basic shapes - triangles, squares and rectangles. It can easily be simplified. You do not have to add A and B. The story will also work without drawing the house. Just say that Jake saw Polly in front of his house.

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