Friday, May 25, 2012

Kip's Flowers

Even though May is almost over, I decided to do stories about flowers for my family story time next week.  I have yet to come across a folktale about flowers that I like and would also be suitable for making into a board story.  (If you have one, please leave a comment.  I'm always looking for good stories.)  So I decided to write my own somewhat original story.  I have used elements from other stories to make my own - a poor farmer, a king, a princess, a magical bird and a good deed rewarded.  The result is called Kip's Flowers and can be found as a Google document here.

I  based the king, princess and farmer figures on images from the Open Clip Art Library.  All the other figures are also from the Open Clip Art Library.  I glitterfied the bird and the growing flower (glitter glue, metallic markers and metallic paper).  I made the leaves and stem for the flower from basic shapes in Microsoft Publisher. 

King, Princess & Kip

Magical Bird & Garden Flowers

Magical Flower with stem pieces to make it "grow"

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  1. I love that you " glitterfied" the bird and flower! :o) Fun story!