Friday, October 7, 2011

One Little Ghost

One little ghost, waiting to yell boo,
Calls for a friend, so now there are two.
Two little ghosts, hiding in a tree,
Call for a friend, so now there are three.
Three little ghosts decide they need more,
Call for a friend, so now there are four.
Four little ghosts, ready to swoop and dive,
Call for a friend and now there are five.
Five little ghosts, hidden from sight,
Jump out at trick-or-treaters to give them a fright.
One, two, three, four, five - “Boo!”

This Halloween rhyme can be used with flannel/magnet board figures or with finger puppets.


The Flannel Friday Round-up for this week can be found at the Future Librarian Superhero blog.


  1. Ooh, I really like the idea of doing this with finger puppets!

  2. Love this! I will definitely be using this cute rhyme at my Giggling Ghost storytime.

    Although... I think I will make ghost masks or puppets with different personalities ;-) so the children can take turns being ghosts as we do the rhyme.

    Happy Halloween! Boo!