Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PBS Parents - A Great Web Site for Grownups

Many parents know that PBS Kids is a great web site for their preschoolers to play and learn. PBS also has a section, PBS Kids Go! , for older children. In addition there are sections for grownups, one for parents and one for teachers.

PBS Parents provides a wealth of information and is well worth exploring. (Most of the information is also available in Spanish.) One area of great value is the section on "Reading and Language" which includes information about developing early literacy skills as well as information to help children already learning to read.

For families raising multilingual children, there is an article "Learning Two Languages: Questions Parents Ask." In addition to numerous articles, there are useful tools such as the "Bookfinder" which lists age-appropriate read-alouds or suggests books for children to read on their own. There is also information about starting a book club which includes discussion guides. Use the "Activity Search" in the "Fun and Games" section to find different activities that address various skills such as creative thinking or math & numbers.

Parent Guides explore the following topics in depth: "Child Development," "Children and Media," "Creativity," "Early Math," "Going to School," "Raising Boys," "Reading and Language," "Talking with Kids," and "Birthday Parties." The "Issues and Advice" section provides information by experts on a wide variety of topics. "Inclusive Communities" section provides a great deal of information for parents of children with special needs.

PBS Parents is a great web site for grownups. Bookmark it!

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